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Struggling with Reading & Overall Learning Problems

learning at home 640×350Parents are challenged with the task of supporting their children’s studies,  as they contend with online classwork, reading assignments, and homework. However, a struggling reader might be too great a challenge for parents when there's an underlying vision problem.

Did your child ever have a functional vision evaluation?

While a child who is really struggling at learning can require the help of an educational therapist or tutor, a key step to identifying what’s holding your child back in their studies is addressing their vision — 80% of learning is visual!

We often find children who have struggled in the classroom as “C” students because their vision was never evaluated by an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy.

If your child has an underlying vision problem, no amount of tutoring or work with other specialists will address or treat the problem effectively or at all.

We encourage you to contact Shelburne Primary EyeCare today for a vision therapy evaluation to assess if their vision is what has held them back from their studies.

What if my child doesn't have a vision problem?

Fortunately, there are multiple avenues to take to help your child feel empowered and gain a better foothold with their learning. By now, most parents have equipped their child with a fast internet connection, new computer, and quiet learning environment to help with online assignments. What else is there left to do?

Encouragement & Support

As much as we’re all under a lot of stress, your child depends on your never-ending support & love. You don’t need to turn to gifts or money to make a child feel appreciated. A personal touch like their favorite snack, quality time, and compliments can go far with anyone.

Digital Eye Strain

Eye fatigue from excessive smartphone/computer usage isn’t unique to children — it affects everyone. Not only do our eyes need a rest from the computer, but digital devices reduce our blinking rate, which also results in dry eye symptoms. Take frequent breaks & stretch your eye muscles by looking out a window once in a while.

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