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TBI Patient Success Story – Active Prisms and Vision Therapy

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After a closed TBI following a horse riding accident, I was diagnosed by my neurologist as suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome.

Upon completing my vision therapy, I have experienced dramatic improvements.

Physically, I no longer suffer from headaches, dizziness or nausea. I have vast improvements in hand eye coordination, and, thanks to my special prism glasses, I can now navigate space accurately! My night vision used to be non existent; I can now handle bright lights and noise.

Mentally, I have had great improvement in my cognitive ability and word retrieval. My short term memory is improving. I can now read, knit, follow instructions and recipes.

I hope to start learning to drive again this spring.

Emotionally, I am now able to cope with daily tasks with far less anxiety. I can make phone calls, set up appointments and shop in a crowded, brightly lit mall. I have even been able to socialize.

I can not thank Dr. Sandra Gillis-Kennedy, Brittany and the entire Shelburne Primary EyeCare team enough for helping me to regain my life.