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MyYAH Thumbnail.jpgMYAH allows our team to monitor the progression of myopia and compare measurements with the growth curves for axial length. The majority of myopic eyes become myopic principally because of excessive axial elongation.

We no longer have to wait for any prescription change to recommend myopia management. Now, we can identify signs of progression before your child’s vision worsens.


  • Corneal Topography including keratoconus screening and pupillometry
  • Axial Length measurement by Optical Low Coherence Interferometry
  • Progression reports for analyzing treatment efficacy
  • Comprehensive suite of Dry Eye assessment tools
  • Patient-friendly with rapid capture
  • Compact, space saving, easy to operate

Through this technology, we can educate families about the implications of myopia progression, to manage the condition, and best at home tips to maintain your child’s eye health.

The MYAH is an all-in-one device that offers an evolving platform which provides our practice the ability to manage Dry Eye as well.

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