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Routine Eye Exams:
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Need Urgent Eye Care?
We Offer Emergency Eyecare in Shelburne

Call us for any eye emergency. We make sure that our patients will be seen as soon as possible.

Call For Urgent Care!―Emergency Eyecare in 519-925-3320

We Treat the Following Eye Emergencies and More:

  • Sudden Vision Loss
  • Blurry or double vision
  • Eye floaters
  • Eye Infections and Pink Eye
  • Styes
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Foreign Body Removal (removing things stuck in the eye)
  • Eye injuries and cuts to the eye
  • Painful, itchy, red, dry, or uncomfortable eyes
  • Emergency contact lens and glasses

    Things NOT to do while waiting for professional medical assistance:

    • DO NOT press on an injured eye or allow the victim to rub the eye(s).
    • DO NOT attempt to remove a foreign body that is resting on the cornea (the clear surface of the eye through which we see) or that appears to be embedded in any part of the eye.
    • DO NOT use dry cotton (including cotton swabs) or sharp instruments (such as tweezers) on the eye.
    • DO NOT attempt to remove an embedded object.

    Before Considering the ER―See Your Optometrist!

    Your local optometrists, Dr. Colette Whiting and Dr. Sandra Gillis-Kennedy, have specialized equipment and training to provide effective treatment for the majority of eye emergencies. 

    Going to the ER will require a long wait and result in an expensive bill. To top it all off, the emergency room may refer such eye emergencies to an optometrist anyway. By seeing your optometrist first, we can evaluate whether we can handle it in-house or find the right specialist to help you.

    Of course, if you can't reach an optometrist, you should still go the ER for an eye emergency.

    At Shelburne Primary EyeCare in Shelburne, Dufferin County, we can quickly and effectively handle a wide range of eye emergencies. Our office will endeavour to get you seen as fast as possible.

    Our eye care practice uses the latest in digital retinal scanning to probe the anterior and posterior surfaces (front and back) of your eye in order to quickly assess the situation and provide rapid treatment. Whether you are an existing patient or have never heard of us before, we will strive to provide the best possible urgent eye care to anyone who comes in.

    Whether you live in the Shelburne area or are just passing through, we encourage you to give us a call if you have any concern about a sudden eye condition or injury. Our warm and professional eye care team will bend over backwards to make sure that you are seen as quickly as possible and knowledgeable staff will make sure to fit you in quickly.

    Call For Urgent Care!― 519-925-3320

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    Is Something Stuck In Your Eye?

    A foreign body is very uncomfortable, but many times it can be removed without an eye doctor. See tips below to try to remove the object. If you want assistance, contact our office immediately.

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    The most common concern with pink eye is its highly infectious nature. There is little to be concerned about but should always be checked by your doctor.

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    The most common form of eye injuries are corneal abrasions. Even a small scratch can lead to an infection or fungus, it is important to see your eye doctor as soon as possible.

    Did you Get Something in Your Eye?

    We receive a lot of calls about removing something stuck in your eye (foreign body removal). In most cases this can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you are having difficulty removing it, are concerned that the object is dangerous such as chemicals, glass, or wood splinters, call our practice to schedule and emergency appointment. Our eye doctor’s office is equipped with special equipment that allow us to identify and take out an object stuck in the eye.

    How to remove a stuck object from your eye yourself:

    1. Vigorously wash your hands with soap and water, this applies to others who are helping you as well.
    2. Have a friend try to find the object or if you are alone use a mirror.
    3. Try blinking as tears and natural lubricant in your eyes may wash it out.
    4. Attempt to flush out the object with water at room temperature. You can pour the water from cup or bottle, or use a slowly running faucet or shower. Make sure you wait enough time so that a size-able amount of water has been used.
    5. Gently pull your upper eyelid over your lower eyelid and roll your eyes.
    6. Use a sterile cotton swab and gently wipe the inner corners of your eye. Make sure to focus your eyes on the opposite direction of where you feel the object.

    Never rub your eyes as this may cause scratches to your eye which can lead to infection or worse. Never try to self treat a chemical that went in your eye. In the event of a chemical, quickly wash the eye for 15 minutes under a faucet and call your eye doctor to find out what to do for the chemical that you were exposed to.