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Edging Lab

Prescription Eyeglasses Lenses ThumbnailOur on-site edging lab allows us to create better quality lenses at a lower cost and provide quality and expedient service. Unlike relying on outside edging labs that often produce lenses with a basic standard of care, our team takes additional time and greater precision when edging our lenses to make sure that each lens has been crafted exactly for your unique frame. This means that no matter the style of frame, we can make sure your lenses will fit and look their best.

Plus, we are able to make sure that the prescription is filled out appropriately so that there are far fewer lab errors to deal with that could cause a delay in getting your new glasses on time. While we may refer to edging labs for more complicated cases, our on-site edging lab allows us to produce the vast majority of our eyeglass prescriptions by our trained staff.