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Lab Manager, Optometric Assistant

Why do I like working in the Optometry field?

I like working in Optometry because it makes a difference. I enjoy being able to create a pair of glasses and fit them to the patient. And to be part of the reason that they are able to see and brighten their world!!

What is your favourite story?

My favourite story is from just the other day, a young boy came in with his mother to pick up his new glasses. He put them on and his mouth dropped open and he was amazed at what he could see. He turned to his mother and said “I can see EVERYTHING!!! And it is all so CLEAR!” You could tell by his face he was just overjoyed. But what got me the most, was he then he turned with a huge smile and added “And I look so GOOD!” He was so proud that he could see and that they helped him to see well and look so good.